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Georgia woman, man arrested for sex abuse

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  1. Crystal yott on October 24, 2022 at 5:20 am

    Mr. Harrell may not be able to shed light on the case but the same rules don’t apply to me. Since when is a child claiming they can remember being 18 months old (a year and a half) credible because that is the last time this man was even around the child and was never alone with her didn’t have the motive or the opportunity. But it is questionable how this case came about after cps has been called on Brian Scott Queen ( the father of the children) and his mother Virginia Ann Queen for neglect of the children even dropping the younger child off with dirt up her butt in her diaper and the daycare called cps. I will not claim that Christine Watson is not a deadbeat parent but she’s not a monster. I would say the monster would be the people who need the children to hate their parent so much they would attempt to ruin peoples lives and reputations and that includes the children who were too young to know why things happened the way they did

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