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Crowded shelters are a growing issue


Pet of the Week: MooMoo


What a lovely looking dog that is the featured adoptable Pet of the Week from Elmore County Humane Shelter. The black and white is swished so nicely around his back and on his head.

MooMoo is a 10-month-old male mix, about 45 pounds, so will not get much larger. He is a lush according to the volunteers at the shelter and wants to be a lap dog since he loves to snuggle. MooMoo is a very gentle dog when taking treats and is great with other dogs and cats. Do you have the room and love in your heart for this fellow? I bet he will make a wonderful pet.

To adopt, call the shelter at 334-567-3377, complete an application, and when it is approved, you get an appointment to visit any or all of the dogs that are available.

The fee for dogs is a true bargain at $100; for that you get a vet checked animal, including spayed/neutered, microchipped, de-wormed, basic vaccinations, checked for heartworms, and a vet check at your local vet.

Last weekend the shelter was so full in Birmingham that they had an unloading special weekend. All the dogs could go to a new loving home for a fee of $25. The situation is crowded for shelters all over this country with animals that people let multiply until it gets out of hand. Even breeders have a hard time these days. Through Facebook my son’s wife found free mini schnauzers as the fellow could not sell them; he was in Goodwater. My son took a pair of brothers, and his daughter, who is a nurse, also took one.

These type usually sell for way high prices. They are beloved as they have a great temperament and don’t shed, but folks simply don’t have that kind of money to spend on a puppy; well most of us.

This is a great time of year to adopt a dog. The weather is normally great for getting outside and into a training session.

Until next time,

The Dog Lover

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