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Happy for opportunity of co-op’s fiber optic lines

Rosie’s Ramblings
Rosie Morgan


It looks as though we will continue to get our share of heavy rains, but at least we are getting sunny breaks to do a few things.

We had to cut off our land-line with AT&T after 31 years. The last five years had been full of troubles; we lost phone service during a bad storm at the end of May, and it was not repaired until July 16. Now remember I was in Grandview Hospital for the month of June, so this was really bad news.

The repairman said that our line had been cut and a new phone company cover put over it, then added that we were the only household on our road that still had a landline. Trying to get it cut off was a chore. I put it in writing to the Atlanta office; they called and left word that I had to call to cancel.

I called back three different times, while they kept trying to re-instate me. So, when I got the next billing, it became the last straw; I called again, told them to record my words and hung up.

Luckily, we can get another fiber-optic land-line through the electric co-op that serves us, and that should happen in the next month. If you live in the Nixburg area, you can also get the deal on fast internet. They guarantee no price increase, no hidden fees, and what they quote includes any taxes, beating other providers on regular prices.

Many years ago, the phone company installed fiber optic cable along Alabama Highway 9, but it stopped when getting to the corner of County Road 4, only including those areas that lead to lake homes. I remembering feeling very disappointed.

Now we can have all of the high-tech avenues for our homes, thanks to the electric co-op working it all out with grants to include us country-living folks. You can get these deals if you get electric service from the co-op; they are installing in sections.

I got the cutest card from my friend Eddie Hampton Nelson. On the front it had a shaggy dog’s face that could have been one of my own. I was so delighted to get such a thoughtful wish in the mail.

Remembering Dr. Sonny Odom on August 22; then a special birthday wish goes out to our youngest grandson, Jaxson Bartley Morgan in Opelika, who will be turning 15 years old on August 29. He is thrilled to be getting one step closer to being able to drive. August 30 brings the twenty-first birthday to Colton Wayne Wright who lives on County Road 4 at the Wright Farm with his grandpa. Happy greetings to everyone with birthdays this week.

Some of the things I missed this summer were sad things, like the passing of Dennis Nordlund, a fine fellow enjoying a good chat about life, loved his golf and helped at the Children’s Harbor thrift store; he found peace in mid-July. Ron’s cousin John Moore of Alex City died in August; he once was chosen to play for the Bear Bryant at Alabama. Sending deepest sympathies to these families.

I heard on local TV news that now children are not only going to be fed meals, getting book bags and all supplies, but get clothing for school, too. This makes me wonder why so many families are not taking care of their own children appropriately, when those things should come first. Boy, things have changed since my son was in school. I had to take care of everything, including items for  his many projects. Must be a sign of our times.

National Dog Day is Sunday, August 27; a great opportunity to do something extra kind for your dog, say a walk in the park, extra play time, or a massage and brushing down. Or a planned visit to one of our local humane shelters to consider an adoption.

Locals here do try to buy local, and we are delighted to have a Dollar General just up the road off of Highway 9; sometimes you can get extra good deals. We needed to buy gasoline after just leaving Rockford last week, thinking we’d get it at Quality Foods in Equality since theirs has no ethanol. The pump there is antiquated, and the gas was $4.68 per gallon, cash only, $1 more than others, so next time it will be Alex City for our gas.

I just wonder how we are getting some lower gas prices now after needing them for so many months. I know that our president was selling our reserves to other countries instead of releasing enough to help the everyday American. Short on gasoline hurts all of us where it hurts; we need to be able to get to what we need to survive.

Let’s enjoy the last of the summer flowers before the autumn winds blow in and bring leaves; you know how time flies for some of us.

Until next week, keep smiling.


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