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Not born Democratic or Republican

In My Humble Opinion
Jodi McDade


Our world just seems to continue in a free-fall everywhere we look. We have the issues with the economy, with immigration, with inflation, with crime, with education, and with so many other things here in our great country.

Then we look to the nightmare that the people in Ukraine are experiencing. While I am really tired of watching all of it, it’s like a bad wreck you just can’t take your eyes off.

At the root of our inflation/economic problems is the shut down of our oil industry here in the United States. That took place on day one of the Biden presidency. I am struggling to understand why so many people seem to be buying in to the push for electric cars to save our climate when there is not even an infrastructure in place to support electric cars (charging stations, availability of affordable electric cars and electric cars that can travel more than a few hundred miles without having to recharge).

First, I’m seeing promotions for the cars themselves, but they are $40,000-plus and I don’t see any information on how to get a charging station for home use. At this time, the batteries will still need fossil fuels to charge them, so what big change is being made?

In addition to the increase in the cost of gas we are experiencing because of shutting down our domestic oil supplies, hundreds of thousands of Americans were put out of work. Because of the increase in gas prices, the cost of all goods has also risen. And, the supply of goods has become problematic.

All of this could be reversed if our president or legislators would open our oil industry back up. We were energy independent with low gas prices and inflation until January 20, 2021, and we could be again.

We are getting ready to see an enormous rise in illegal immigrants storming across our borders if the president follows through on ending the Title 42 policy at our border. At this moment, Title 42 says illegal immigrants can be held in Mexico pending approval to come in. Of course, this doesn’t apply to those who are just walking across the river to come in – they get to stay. And approximately 6,000 plus-or-minus that come in daily are being bussed or flown to cities all around the country in the cover of night. COOSA COUNTY – think about those numbers! That’s more than half the population of our county on any given DAY! Current estimates are now saying that, by the end of this president’s term, 20% of our population will be illegal immigrants.

Who is going to pay to support these people coming in who have no homes, no jobs, no education, and mainly don’t speak English? Well, that would be the working Americans who pay taxes but are also now struggling to make ends meet for their own families!

I don’t care what anyone thinks of our last president, our motto in America should be “America (and Americans) First.” As these people come across our borders, they are provided with food, medical services (with NO COVID-19 test required), clothing, places to live, and welfare. In some of the sanctuary states and cities, they are also given identification and registered to vote in local elections.

We have homeless Americans – including homeless veterans – who need our help before we help people who come into our country illegally. And, we don’t even know who is coming in and for what reason they are coming in. These are not all Mexican or South American. They are coming from all countries around the world and include people from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Cuba, and other countries who are not our friends.

Elections have consequences, and we are suffering the consequences of the 2018 and 2020 elections. We have the opportunity to change direction in the 2022 elections and again in the 2024 elections. We are finally seeing some of the Democratic congressmen and senators standing up against the “woke,” socialist and communist take over of their party.

They are not in favor of all the “free” stuff, the 57 genders, the transgenders, the destruction of women’s sports, sex education in kindergarten, and sex change operations for children. They are wondering why their children are not getting quality educations, why there are no jobs available and why the middle class is disappearing.

Every American citizen has the right and ability to vote in our elections, if they want to. But, we should not be allowing people who are not American citizens or not registered voters to have a say in our elections. I actually have some friends who complain all the time about the things that are going on, and I have recently found out they are not even registered voters! In my opinion, if you don’t vote (legally), you shouldn’t complain.

Please sit down and make a list of the values and issues that are most important to you. And then, do some research on the political parties to find out which one you are most aligned with – you might be surprised. And then, do some research on the candidates because not all really believe in the values of the party they belong to. Be an educated voter – or don’t vote.

While we ARE born male or female, we ARE NOT born Democratic or Republican!

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