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School News Week of March 19


College, Military Day and more!


Note: School is out for spring break next week, so there’s no school calendar this week.


Fifth grade scientists in Mrs. Sanford’s class made wet mounts of onions on slides and then placed them under their microscopes to make observations about their structures. They were assisted by our system science coach, Mrs. Wood.

Seventh-twelfth grade students enjoyed College and Military Day last Thursday. The event was organized by our counselor, Mrs. Wade, in conjunction with Brittany Leonard-Hogan’s Empowered to Conquer and the Children’s Policy Council headed by Marty Rittman and Sharon Haynes.

Students started the day with inspirational presentations and lessons on maintaining a growth mindset about their future aspirations, as well as the importance of involvement in extracurricular activities. Mrs. Wade walked students through the process of auditing their transcript to insure they have the credits required for graduation.

The afternoon was filled with breakout sessions; 15 presenters from various colleges and the military interacted with students in small group settings to provide information and inspire students on a path to success after graduation. 

During lunch students were treated to a special presentation by Central High School graduates at Hwy 22 Podcast which featured an inspiring interview with our very own Justin Tuck who emphasized the importance of education even for students pursuing a career in athletics.

SGA member Jamiya Marbury gives the student parking lot a fresh coat of paint.


SGA members are finalizing preparations for the 32nd annual Miss Centroid pageant, this Saturday at 5 p.m. in the gymnasium. Tickets are $5 at the door or can be purchased from a contestant.


World History students played a game of “Go China!”, similar to “Go Fish!”, to test their knowledge of imperialism in China.

Students in Mrs. Bailey’s 10th grade U.S. history classes created newspaper front pages that included a reform/movement and two prominent people from the early to mid-1800s. Students researched their subjects throughout the week before creating their front pages, which were then hung around the classroom for students to complete a gallery walk activity.



All photos submitted by SGA


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