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Union Square News: Still happiness despite sorrow

Union Square News
Ruby Johnson

Still happiness despite sorrow

My wish is for everyone to have a blessed Labor Day on Monday. Union Square will not have its Neighborhood Watch meeting that Monday. We will resume on Monday, September 13, at 6 p.m. Come on out, neighbors.

We are praying for our neighbors Mrs. Cora D. Edwards, Mr. Elsie Hamilton, Mr. Neal Shaw, Mrs. Joyce B. Leonard, and Mr. Eddie Windsor, and everyone who’s under the weather in the Square. A special prayer for Mrs. Patsy Johnston, also.

My heart is still burdened and much more this week. Losing my godsister, Glenda R. Miller, and her son, Darryl, put a toil on my heart that gave me much sorrow. More on that next week, if it’s God’s will.

My friend Mrs. Charlie Ann Parker’s son, Mr. Jimmy Parker, moved to a new home and left us in tears. We pray for this very close family who has experienced much sorrow in the last months. Our hearts are deeply wounded. Also losing my brother-in-law Michael was very painful. Mike was a special person. He did not attend church as much as some people do and the ones who say they love God but show no fruit. But to love God you need the fruit of the spirit, and Mike sure did possess all of them – self-control, gentleness, joy, kindness, love, faithfulness, patience, goodness, and peace. Now he is at peace! No more cancer and pain. Rest in peace, brother. His home-going was a very warm peaceful service, officiated by Minister Mike Taylor, who did a wonderful job.

We send our condolences to the Crayton family in the loss of a daughter, niece, cousin, and friend.

Happy belated birthday to Commissioner Unzell Kelley and many more good ones to come.

Birthday wishes go to Chat Lee, Charles Simpson, Johnny Leonard, Bonnie Abrams, Teasie Thrash, Shirley Ogle, and to all September babies.

Thank you, Wendy Jones and June Hoyt, for your kindness. It will never be forgotten.

Mrs. C.K. May, you are on my heart deeply, and we love you.

There is still happiness in life, despite sadness and sorrow. My friend Frankie (Minister Cousin) never ceases to amaze me. Growing up together in Rockford I never dreamed that my friend would become a gardener and learn to can food, because her grandmother Mrs. Harriet Edward wouldn’t let her do anything – cook, wash dishes, etc. When she got married I laughed at her, saying I feel sorry for her husband, Lee. He will starve to death. But oh, how wrong was I? She learned fast, and she is a great cook today, just like her mother, Christine, was. And when she moved back to Alabama she started canning and freezing fruits and grew a garden full of collard greens with the help of her daughter, Brandi. We thank her for the mess of greens and all the pears, strawberries and apple butter preserves. We are truly enjoying them. Thank you and Brandi so much.

“Life is a bowl of cherries, if we preserved them right.”

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