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Signs of change

Signs of change
By Christa Jennings



Lane Jones and John Powell with Southern Signcrafters perform maintenance on the old Rexall Crew Drugs’ sign to restore it to its former lit-up glory. Photo by Christa Jennings

On Tuesday, John Powell and Lane Jones with Southern Signcrafters installed signage at the Paul J. Perrett Senior Center in Rockford. Photo by Christa Jennings

Neon lights up the night sky in Rockford once again with the old Crew Drugs sign repaired and lit up. Photo by Christa Jennings


Signs of change can now be seen in Rockford, both literally and figuratively.

After being dark for so long, the old Rexall/Crew Drugs sign now once again lights up the town’s night sky. Additionally, letters were installed at the new Rockford Senior Center.

Both were taken care of Tuesday, August 17, by Lane Jones and John Powell of Southern Signcrafters in Montgomery. The two installed the letters at the center and also performed maintenance on the old Crew’s sign so that the neon lights would work once again.

The old drugstore will be the future home of Rockford’s newest eatery, 22 and Crew, operated by Jennifer Johnson Joiner.

She hopes to have the restaurant open early next month and had the sign repaired to light the night sky in preparation for the opening.

Rockford’s new senior center, officially named the Paul J. Perrett Senior Center, also had signage put in place to prepare for its opening.

“The name Paul J. Perrett brings back lots of memories for me,” Rockford Senior Center Manager Brenda Oden said. “When I first started working here, almost six years ago, he came in and introduced himself to me, and from then forward we began talking about the progress of a new senior center. He was very kind, friendly and also funny at times.”

There is no set opening date for the new center at this time, but it is hoped that it will be open soon for the area senior citizens.

“The seniors are very excited about moving,” Oden said. “They are packing up and planning for the grand opening.”

She added, “We are hoping that other seniors and all citizens of Rockford will come out and take part in this wonderful celebration. The opening date will be announced at a later time.”

County Administrator Amy Gilliland said that she is working diligently to get the seniors in the new building by September 1, but they still have numerous things to complete before the final inspection. Therefore an opening date could not yet be determined.

However, with both facilities hoping to open next month, signs of positive change for Rockford seem to be just around the corner – and right down the street.

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