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The Buzz – Dedicated to getting things done

The Buzz
Buzzy the Buzzard


Dedicated to getting things done


Well Rockford’s Summer Fest sure was a success. So many vendors! Who knew there were so many crafty people around? 

I am still on the lookout for some fresh corn on the cob. Maybe some produce seller will advertise in “The News”? 

And after my litter rant, Rockford’s beautification progress rolls on. I read where hizzoner the mayor managed to get 22 volunteers to come out and labor in the afternoon heat. That must have taken some fast talk in’. Go guy! 

I also hear tell that he is writing letters to property owners who have eyesores to clean up. Requesting that they appear for an audience, and perhaps even pay fines? Rumors abound. I am not sure this is true or legal, but it shows a true dedication to getting things done around town. This will be very interesting to watch because more than one of those eyesores are on property belonging to elected officials. 

I’ll be watching, as your eye in the sky, or perhaps roosting in a dead pine tree.



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