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Rosie’s Ramblings – Enjoying new column; excitement of dining out again

Rosie’s Ramblings
Rosie Morgan


Enjoying new column; excitement of dining out again


Last Wednesday was a real treat for us; we actually went out for lunch for the first time in simply ages, because of health restrictions from COVID-19. We met dear friends, Randy and Elizabeth Kimbro. Elizabeth and I worked down the hallway for doctors in the same medical building in Montgomery and got to know each other; that was about 40 years ago. We met them for a lunch break at Cozumel in Eclectic and enjoyed the food and company very much. Not long after we began to snack on the chips, there was a woman standing at the front of the cafe waving her arms for attention; it took me awhile to realize that it was Rachel Fuller from the ladies’ Chit-Chatters lunching group. She was there having lunch with another member of the group, Sue Pemberton-Best. It’s always good to run into folks that you know and see that they are still keeping well. It was a lovely break for us, and the Kimbros had picked up a burn barrel for us to use at the farm, and also some wonderful goodies, including great French fresh bread and English tea bags from Publix on their way from Montgomery. We had enough food left to take home for the next day, since we eat such smaller portions these days. It was a wonderful day, and we dodged the showers.

Happy birthday to Merry Hardy of Alex City; she celebrated on June 16. The weather around here of late has been so similar to that of Great Britain. Very changeable, with lots of rain; my Aunt Ena wrote that her husband had planted all sorts of veggies in pots, and they were gathering up seed to be good growers. Then torrential storms blew through, and they all rotted in the pots; so Alex will start again. Like us, they love their fresh veggies and herbs for meals. Before their late retirement, Ena and Alex had a B&B on the coast cooking breakfast and other meals as needed for guests, so they enjoyed entertaining on a quiet scale with excellent home cooking.

The Rev. Peggie Sue Ott invites one and all to the services at the Nixburg Baptist Church that she leads in prayer, starting at 11 a.m. on Sunday, where everyone is always made so very welcome.

The Sunday morning television news brought sadness to us, hearing that John Patterson had passed away, living in Goldville with his lovely sweet wife, Tina. Such a wonderful couple indeed; they were our neighbors when we bought our first townhouse a year after Ron and I married, and they were just super to have living next door, always watching out for our place, and we did the same thing for them. John Patterson worked hard and enjoyed his time off, too. Making it to 100 years says something in a serious way.

I was so happy when I went to the junior college for Mr. Patterson’s book signing, and he got up to move down the line to greet and hug me. He was just such a special and gentle man, always very kind. He was a very special southern gent and never forgot that he knew you, no matter the circumstances. He will be missed in a big way; I am sending our deepest of loving sympathies to his sweet widow, Tina.

June is Iced Tea Month, so be sure to mix yours up and enjoy some on the porch for a lazy afternoon in a rocking chair. I have tried them all and found the Louisiana family tea bags to be the best tasting. I didn’t like iced tea for years, only the hot sort I was raised on from a young child, but now I just love it.

I really am enjoying the speaking out that the Equality Garden Center owner is doing in “The Coosa County News,” about all the over taxing that is lumped on the ones that pay; as it has always been, the few taking care of the many. And the way those do once they get into office, President Trump is the only one I know of in my 50+ years in Alabama. One more thing I am, so disappointed with the price increases on gasoline and groceries; two things we need to live on.

Enjoy the beauty of the sunshine and the gentleness it brings to the growing things.

Until the next time, keep smiling; they always come right back to you. I do hope that everyone feeling a little under the weather will be as right as rain in the very near future.

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