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Poplar Point hosting summer camps

Poplar Point hosting summer camps
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More than 130 people were at Poplar Point Camp last week for its first session of summer camp. Photo submitted

Happy campers! Pictured are 10-year-old Adelle, left, and 11-year-old Elaina. Photo submitted


Summer camps are now back open again, and last week Poplar Point Camp had more than 130 people on its property, the most they have had since before COVID-19 struck.

“It was wonderful to have our camp back with lots of happy campers running around having a great time,” said Camp Director Travis Milhan.

Last week’s summer camp included campers from not only Alabama, but also Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

The youth who come to Poplar Point Camp get a chance to make new friends, play in nature and release some of the struggles left behind by the COVID-19 years’ experience. Campers explored God’s creation, experienced a 100-foot slip-n-slide and even had to solve a mystery of who stole all the desserts at camp.

One camper, 10-year-old Adelle, wrote about her experience, “I loved summer camp. It had the best slip and slide ever. I made a lot of friends. We laughed. It was so much fun. And I did a lot of flips off the diving board into the pool. I loved playing kickball with my friends, and chapel was awesome.”

Each day campers also attended two chapel services, swam in the pool, played outdoor laser tag, competed in team games such as Outpost, and much more.

Campers who come to camp get a chance to be themselves and lose the worries of the fast electronic paced world we live in.

Poplar Point Camp believes this gives them an opportunity to just be a kid, which can help youth let go of stress and worries of the world. This creates a perfect environment for campers to grow into strong and better young men and young women.

One parent wrote about their camper’s experience, “I know I can recommend this camp to anybody because every time I saw my kids and their friends, they were smiling. They were given just enough structured play and just enough free play that spending time with old friends and making new friends was easy. I especially like that this was all time well spent where they were hearing about our good and capable God who loves them. The change in the teenagers from insecure to involved was beautiful.”

Poplar Point Camp has one more week of summer camp left open, with this second summer camp session starting Sunday. A few spots are still open for 7-12 year old, and those interested in attending can call the camp at 256-377-2606.


Youth attending summer camp at Poplar Point have the opportunity to enjoy a 100-foot slip-and-slide. Photo submitted

Campers are able to enjoy cooling off in the swimming pool between other camp activities. Photo submitted

Campers are able to reconnect with old friends and make new friends easily at Poplar Point’s summer camp. Photo submitted


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