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Watch out for another scam

Watch out for another scam
Special to the News

Submitted by Revenue Commissioner Debra Lamberth



If you have received this notice through the mail requesting $95 be paid as a service fee to obtain a copy of property records, please do not respond to this notice.

All recorded deeds and property assessments are public records which are always available upon request. To obtain copies of records it’s as simple as contacting the Coosa County Courthouse during normal business hours.

Some offices may charge a minimal fee to cover the copying cost, but please be assured that your county government will never solicit payment for services outlined in the scam notice. Also, the Coosa County Revenue Commissioner has a public website, or, where assessment records, including parcel maps and aerial photos, can be viewed.

Please call our offices at 256-377-4916 or 256-377-4919 when in doubt. It will save you time, money and frustration.

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