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Rosie’s Ramblings – Equality VFD monthly fundraiser tomorrow

Rosie’s Ramblings
Rosie Morgan


Equality VFD monthly fundraiser tomorrow


This is the first Saturday of June, and the weather has been far from the usual; so get out there and enjoy some fresh air.

I will not make it to the crowds at Santuck, but Ron and I hope to visit with the volunteers at Equality who are having their first Saturday fundraiser. They will start with lunch cooked on the grill, hamburgers and hot dogs, from 10:30 a.m. until 1 p.m., with the rummage sale beginning at 8 a.m. until 1 p.m.

These folks work really hard to collect money for the fire department needs and also get it from taxes, insurances from health/fire runs and donations, so it takes an awful lot to run even a volunteer fire department. A great big part of that was Paul Perrett, and we miss his smiling face and willing hugs at every occasion. We just miss him a lot.

That lunch by the Equality volunteers will be this Saturday, June 5, at the old firehouse/Masonic Lodge on Alabama Highway 9, in Equality proper.

I know it was a happy day when (my grandmother) Annie Harriet de Broise, living in Singapore, bore her husband, Albert Raphael de Broise (of Belgium), a bouncing baby boy, naming him Alfred William de Broise, on June 4, 1923; my father, a man I admire so much for not only the suffering after the Japanese took Singapore in 1941, but all of his trials and tribulations through life coming from a wealthy family that lived close to the beach and had servants, getting to England with nothing but pay and kit bag. He was taken home by Harry Adrian, who said to Dad, “Come on home with me. My mum will take care of you.” And she did, until Dad married my mum, February 1949. The Adrians were lovely and good people. I wish I was older and could appreciate them more when we would visit for a Sunday roast dinner, lunch, because they were like grandparents. A page from my memory book of good people from my younger childhood.

Happy birthday to Gabriel Burns; a little bird said it was his birthday soon and he would be 11, so if you see him, do wish him a happy day all month to be sure and get it on his day.

The Church in the Pines is back in action in Kowaliga. It is such a lovely breezy place; if you have not visited, it us one of those places worth the drive. Chuck Roberts is the guest speaker this week, June 6, from Peachtree Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, so likely it will be a good one. The time runs from 9-9:45 a.m. at Children’s Harbor.

I certainly hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Remember your heroes; there are so many in our lives, it’s hard to mention them in a short column. But I do appreciate every one of them, and especially Henry Taylor Richards (whose father had our house built in 1842) for his courageous actions in the Civil War and walking back from Vicksburg to marry his love, Margaret Jane Thornell, from down the road and raise his family right here in Nixburg, a lovely place where things, trees, flowers and weeds really grow.

Drink plenty and keep hydrated; June is National Iced Tea Month.

Another wonderful quote from that anonymous fellow, as my brother Maurice said, “He writes a lot, that anonymous.”

“From a little spark may burst a mighty flame.”

Until next week, enjoy the flame and keep smiling.

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