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Ritchville Rundown – Congratulations to all graduates

Richville Rundown
Sheila Ward


Congratulations to all graduates


Congratulations to all the high school seniors and kindergarteners that graduated this week. Seniors, you just finished a major milestone in your life. Kindergarteners, your school experience will be continuing for the next 12 years as you grow and develop your skills. Regardless, seniors, you are starting a new adventure no matter what your plans. If you go on to further your education, it’ll be different than what you’ve experienced in your prior school life. You don’t have bells or teachers to tell you to get to class if you are attending a brick-and-mortar college. If not, you’re going to experience life in a different way. Jobs and marriage are all in the future. Enjoy your life so when you are older you look back with no regrets.

The Coosa County Historical Society opens the “old rock jail” each Sunday from 2 to 4 p.m. beginning in May and ending the last Sunday in October. However, we are all volunteers. Sometimes, because of circumstances beyond our control, there is no one available to open it. So, if you go by on a Sunday afternoon and it’s closed, please come again. Even better, if not a member, join and volunteer for a Sunday or two!

Remember, if you bought a Boston butt ticket, pickup is between 7 and 9 a.m. tomorrow morning, May 29. Richville Volunteer Fire Department members may still have tickets for Boston butts available. The tickets are $30 and must be purchased ahead of time. If interested, contact any fire department volunteer today to see if any are still available. Sometimes they have a few extra, but to be sure to get one, get a ticket today. 

Providence Baptist Church had two great services this past Sunday that were well attended. Also, the youth meet on Sunday nights at 6. There is a men’s Bible Study on Thursday nights at 7 in the fellowship hall. Also, there is a ladies Bible Study on Sunday afternoons at 5 or Tuesday mornings at 10:30. All are open to anyone.

My Bible verse this week is Jeremiah 29:13, “And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.” God is omnipresent and always near everyone and everything. That means He’s available completely and totally, but we must want Him in our lives. We have to choose to seek Him. We can do that by setting our priorities in order.

God should be first in our lives. We can’t worry about what others think, but follow what God wants us to do. To know what God wants for us we need to seek His presence through prayer, humility and surrender.

Prayer is our communication with God. We have to be humble, setting aside our pride and wants. Finally, we must surrender, letting go of our will. When we do those three things, we are searching for God with all our hearts, and we will find Him. God is not the lost one; we are. He sees and knows, but we must let go and depend on Him. 

Please continue to be in prayer for the sick in our community and to those that have lost loved ones. There are others in our community that have recently lost a loved one that we need to keep in our prayers. God knows their names and needs. Until next week, take care and be joyful!

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