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The Buzz – Keep recreational asset looking nice

The Buzz
Buzzy the Buzzard


Keep recreational asset looking nice


Well, if I’m not a double buzzard’s uncle! (Which I am.) Last week I spoke too soon about the boat takeout point near King’s Bridge over Hatchet Creek. This spot has been a local recreation area for decades, and it has often been so trashed we should be ashamed to be local. Then the STORM hit, and you couldn’t even fly a buzzard in there for all the trees down. 

Well, folks….some Good Samaritan has gone in and cleaned it up. And wow! No trees down, no limbs, no trash, picnic tables, and a set of steps down to the creek.

Being an old buzzard, I know that people use this spot. Some local, some non-local. Some for boat takeout or put-in, some for fishing, some for picnicking, some for quiet contemplation near the water. 

Now, we have a huge responsibility, Rockford. Keep it nice. What does a trash pile say about your community? Don’t blame it on the non-local folks. People just don’t carry that much trash around. I will be watching this spot in particular.

Remember, I love you, Rockford, and I am your eye in the sky!


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