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In My Humble Opinion

In My Humble Opinion
Jodi McDade

Americans not important anymore


Why is it that it takes so long to solve and fix problems, but it takes only a short amount of time to create and cause problems? In just a matter of weeks, the new administration has undone the solution to many problems that it took the previous administration YEARS to fix – plus to turn many other areas of our government upside down.

The immigration situation is back to where it was in 2016-17 – except now the illegal immigrants are provided with T-shirts to wear promoting President Biden. The wall has been stopped and, in some areas, dismantled. Border Patrol agents are instructed to allow these people to come right in to the United States with no COVID-19 tests, no mask mandates, no papers, and no jobs. These non-citizens are also being housed in hotels/motels at taxpayer expense with no thought to the possibility of being COVID-19 positive and spreading the virus to Americans in the areas they are sent to. What about all of our veterans sleeping on the street and homeless, the homeless American people who are not being helped during this crisis, or not receiving stimulus checks because they don’t pay taxes? We are certainly no longer operating under the “America First” theory. We are back to being “America Last.”

The Democratic majorities in the House and Senate in Washington are going to pass all their social justice programs – gun control, more rights for transgenders, less rights for women and minorities, supporting big business over American workers, returning us to higher taxes and gas prices, cutting jobs of Americans to provide more jobs for non-citizens and other countries – just to name a few. Then, look at the HR1/SR1 bills that will dismantle our voting rights for generations to come. Why do Democrats push the idea that minorities – especially Black Americans – are just not intelligent enough or capable enough to get a voter ID card? Don’t most all Americans have either drivers licenses or state identification cards to show when they cash a check, go to the doctor or hospital, go in a government building, etc.? They always claim Republicans are trying to keep legal Americans from voting when all we want to do is make sure non-Americans DON’T vote. Remember all those illegal immigrants?

And, we are back to thousands of unaccompanied minors coming across the borders and being housed in government facilities. Most of these facilities were built during the Obama administration and were very acceptable until January of 2017. Then they became “cages” and now, since January 2021, they are acceptable again. Plus, I don’t understand how they verify a “family unit” is really a “family unit.” All it takes for adults to get in easier is to have a child with them. Talk about child trafficking! 

How many of us heard now President Biden talk about any of these issues during the campaign? They never told us much about what they believed in, what issues they wanted to work on, or what they wanted to do to improve the lives of Americans. All they talked about was how horrible President Trump was and how much they hated him. I guess they really didn’t support more jobs for Americans, higher wages for Americans, law and order to protect Americans, lower taxes so Americans could take home more money, and parental choice in schools to provide American children better educations.

I really do wonder if our economy will ever recover from COVID-19, but, I’m concerned it is only going to get worse as more Americans are sent to the unemployment lines. Only the people who will work for low wages in unskilled labor jobs will be hired. And these people will live in sub-standard conditions with several families in one house and send the majority of their income back to their relatives in the “old country.” Those wages will NOT go back into our economy. Our young people without education or skills will be out of luck in the job market just like the older people who work in businesses that will close. Within days of taking office, President Biden took jobs away from millions in the oil/energy industries with no thought to where they would find other jobs. But, remember, these were only American citizens so they didn’t really matter.

Sorry, folks, but if you are a Black American, white American, African American, Cuban American, Mexican American, Polish American, or any other flavor of American, you are NOT important anymore. You are second or third class citizens behind illegals, LBGTQ, or any of the new genders that have been “discovered” (I say invented). It’s going to be a long and hard four years.

One ray of sunshine I am seeing in some areas are the state legislatures stepping up to pass laws to prevent some of these overreaches by the federal government. Under the Constitution of the United States, the federal government only has authority in very specific areas, and ALL OTHER areas are left to each individual state to determine the laws/regulations. 

Anybody out there have buyer’s remorse?

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