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Rosie’s Ramblings

Rosie’s Ramblings
Rosie Morgan

Can do with less than we have


Folks will be celebrating with green in honor of St. Paddy’s Day this week. Wishing my “Top Hat” former red hatter, Hilda Adams at Chapman’s, a happy birthday for March 22. Then March 25 will be my late mum’s eldest sister, Jean’s, birthday; she will be 95 and has survived half of her younger siblings. Auntie Jean was not my favorite aunt, although I spent a lot of time with her eldest child, Jeanette, who was two years older than me. Jean was very “Edwardian” in her style, ways and her mothering; so she often just scared me. I remember having a soft boiled egg in an egg-cup for lunch at her house after spending the night there, and the egg white was undercooked and still slimy. I spooned it out onto the plate, and she fussed at me for the waste of food. I was such a fussy and quite particular eater as a child and couldn’t bear to put the slimy egg white into my mouth. Especially since my mum always made it perfectly for me, the way I liked it, a runny yolk and a set white, so I could eat the whole thing and really enjoy it.

Mother Nature does some wonderful things; just overnight, you can see the changes in shrubs and trees in bloom, and the springtime blooming bulbs pushing up stalks and flowers opening to show their beauty. My mum always collected flowers from the garden to put in a vase for the weekends; we always had iris, carnations, lilacs, and many other bloomers including one I loved called “London Pride.” It has tiny medium-pink flowers that remind me of baby’s breath, as they are so delicate looking.

I have a corned beef roast in the freezer, so I plan to have a boiled dinner with cabbage since it’s an Irish celebration week. We will enjoy the leftover meat for sandwiches and possibly a hash meal, as well.

I love that the weather is finally breaking and it is warm enough to venture out down the road for a short walk. Hopefully everyone remembered to move the clocks forward to greet the springing forward of this season.

I had a missive from my friend in Arlington, Texas; she was without power for five days during the ice storm last month, and they ended up staying in a hotel close by and cooked meals in the provided microwave. We truly realize the things that we miss without any electricity to make them work. Also, how difficult it is to even read a book or magazine without good light by which to see. No wonder folks went early to bed during the early years before power was available, and it didn’t get here until about 1938.

Some bad rainy weather is coming our way this week, so be sure that you make the necessary preparations that you can to keep your family and animals safe while the storms move through. And, while we are still on this lockdown because of COVID-19, catch up on those letters, Easter cards, or that book you always wanted to read. 

A friend in Canada sent me a sort of printed journal, with wonderful and kind thoughts, one for each day from January 1, and being happy with what you have and not what you might want. We really can do with less than we have. So if you are clearing out some extra things, please think about taking them to the Tails End Thrift Store at the humane shelter in Wetumpka at highways 9 and 231. They always have a great selection, and all of the profits go to help and care for the animals at the shelter, and all the workers are volunteers.

Until next week, keep smiling.

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