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Rosie’s Pet Corner

DIY dry shampoo for dogs

Pet of the Week: Vanessa


The Humane Shelter of Elmore County’s featured pet for adoption this week is Vanessa, a female about 2 years old and weighing roughly 40 pounds. Vanessa was found at an abandoned house and is quite shy at first, but is a very sweet girl. She is a bit shy with new experiences, which seems quite normal for any animal without their own loving home. She does need some leash work, but loves people and is a very sweet lady according to the workers and director of the shelter, Rea Cord.

The same COVID-19 rules apply, and the shelter is not doing “walkthrough adoptions” as they did before the virus took hold. You will need to call or email for an application: 334-567-3377 or; when it has been cleared an appointment will be set up for you to come in and visit with Vanessa, or another animal of your choice.

I have made my first appointment for the start of our dog grooming and spa time, and I just came across a dog dry shampoo recipe that I thought may be helpful to some and will make your dog smell sweetly.

You’ll need: 1 cup organic cornstarch, a jar with a tight-fitting lid, seven drops of lavender essential oil, a hammer, and a large nail.

  1. Using hammer and nail, tap several holes through jar lid.
  2. Place cornstarch and fragrance oil in the jar and mix well; secure lid.
  3. Take pup outside and sprinkle fur, from head to tail, with mixture. Work it in with your fingers until he/she is thoroughly powdered. 
  4. Let him/her shake off the dust; after five minutes brush the remaining loose fur and powder from his/her coat. Cornstarch will absorb odors, and lavender will help to repel fleas, naturally.

Until next time,

The Dog Lover

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