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Ritchville Rundown

Richville Rundown
Sheila Ward

Happy spring break memories


Last week, we had beautiful weather, sunny and warmer than usual. This week as I write this on Monday night, rain is expected starting Tuesday with storms on Wednesday. So, by the time this is printed, it will be in the past. Hopefully, we won’t have any storm damage from this. 

Coosa County students get out early today to start their spring break. At least this year, pandemic conditions have improved so many families will be vacationing this week unlike last year when everything was in full quarantine. 

Spring break has happy memories for me. We had a place at Barrett’s Fish Camp, and spring break was moving time for us. Each year, we would move to the camp and stay until Labor Day when we would move back. Thankfully, the two houses were only about 15 minutes apart, so it made it easier if something was forgotten. We never referred to it as going to the lake, only the camp. In fact, for several years, we lived there fulltime. Now, it’s all gone but the memories. 

I’m thankful that we are able to start having inside worship services again. While I realize some people still need the seclusion of worship in their vehicle for a variety of reasons, I’m glad we have options. Whether you meet in the parking lot or inside the sanctuary, being able to make a choice is great. 

I look forward to the time that many of our activities are able to resume even with the need to wear masks and social distance. Soon, I hope I’m able to fill my column with events happening in our area instead of just my thoughts and opinions. In stating that, I don’t intend to offend anyone with my columns. While I try to be factual, this column is my thoughts and opinions. So therefore, the actual event may be different than I remember, or I may not have all the facts, but I don’t intentionally set out to mislead or offend. 

This week, my Bible readings have been about faith. One definition of faith is trust or confidence, believing in religion or God, or a strongly held belief. Usually, I consider faith as trusting God while beliefs are trust or confidence in others. Think about how we word our thoughts. When we speak of faith it’s usually in reference to God as in “I have faith that God will answer my prayers,” instead of “I believe God will.” But when we refer to trust in others, we generally use the word “believe” instead of “faith.” “I believe she will return my text,” instead of “I have faith she will.” Hebrews 11:1 reads, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” So, having faith is simply believing that God is real and good. It’s a matter of personal preference, but to me I reserve the word “faith” to be in relation to God and “believe” in reference to people or things. Whichever you use is not important; it’s your trust in God that matters. 

Please continue to be in prayer for the sick in our community and to those that have lost loved ones. God knows their names and needs. Until next week, take care and be joyful!

Organizations in the area, as well as churches, I need your events! If your family has some news or an event to share, please contact me. I would prefer text at 334-414-7147 or emails to, but phone calls will be fine, too. If you don’t get me when you call, be sure to leave a message.

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