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Free Sheriff’s Academy for residents to begin Monday

Free Sheriff’s Academy for residents to begin Monday
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Application deadline is Monday!

Sheriff Michael Howell would like to announce the beginning of an exciting new program called the “Sheriff’s Academy.”

The Sheriff’s Academy is an opportunity for the residents of Coosa County to receive instructions into the world of law enforcement, the Sheriff’s Office and Alabama Court Systems. The course is designed to include the following topics: crime scene investigations, case law, the Alabama court system, firearms familiarization, and corrections.

Specifically, the course will cover the following: a brief history of law enforcement in the United States and the origins of sheriffs, the role of the Sheriff’s Office in a modern society, arrests/searches and what is required for those, weapons – qualifications and use of force, how the jail and corrections operate, patrol and investigations, court and courtroom procedures, and graduation and diploma.

The Sheriff’s Academy is a free course and will consist of six classes that last between one to two hours each. Instructors will be professionals in the field they represent.

Interested citizens should have their application submitted to the Coosa County Sheriff’s Office by 12 p.m. on March 22. Classes will begin on Monday, March 22, at the Coosa County E-911 building in Rockford.

Spaces are limited, so call or visit the Sheriff’s Office for more information.

Sheriff Howell states that this is a great opportunity to help the residents of Coosa County understand the inner workings of the criminal justice system. He looks forward to the Sheriff’s Academy and encourages anyone who has an interest in the criminal justice system to attend. 

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