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Celebrating wonderful, courageous women

Rosie’s Ramblings
Rosie Morgan

Spring is just around the corner, the early bloomers are showing their pretty colors, and so is Easter; so better get that Easter bonnet decorated and ready for Easter Sunday. My mum was big in decorating a summer hat for Easter Sunday’s Mass at church. I think several of the local churches have now decided that they can be careful enough to gather using a mask and common sense for social distancing. It will be so good to get back to hugging our close friends.

What a wonderful idea to name the senior center in Rockford after our beloved and late Paul Perrett; he took sunshine everywhere he went, and this will be a great remembrance for all the good things that Paul worked on during his service to the betterment of Coosa County. A shame that Commissioner Unzell Kelley doesn’t agree with everyone else. We just cannot change our history and should just learn for the future from how it was, and appreciate the folks who do good things to help others have a better place to live.

Ron’s cousin John Moore and his lovely wife, Dianne, will celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary in Alex City on March 12; wishing them all the very best. Kellyton artist Deborah Griffith has a birthday March 16; and March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day, the one the Irish descendants love to celebrate with green, and also the day that sweet and lovely Mrs. Johnny Hayes of Kellyton was born.

March is now considered National Women’s Month, so we must celebrate the wonderful and courageous women we know about. I think of course about my mother, who knew how to manage everything in life; Nelda Hayes of Kellyton, who was a friend indeed, and once she took you under her wing you stayed there; also Queen Elizabeth II of the British Isles, living through a lot of changes in life and always doing a great job. I always thought my mum looked a lot like the queen; they grew up in the same time frame and wore similar style clothing, hats and hairstyles, although my mum lived a totally different lifestyle, having to take care of her own family, and did all of the dirty jobs, and take in sewing and embroidery to make ends meet. Hooray for all of the great women; think of those you admire during the month of March. Maybe send them a note to tell them so. Here, I must add my dad’s sister Joy, who swam from a ship being bombed by the Japanese as Singapore was being overtaken, when Joy was just 17, and women and children were being shot at in the water swimming to a deserted island. I always loved my Auntie Joy, but after I moved to Alabama, and she wrote the scenario about getting away to the island, I truly admired her strength and bravery.

Some people grin and bear it; others smile and do it. So, it’s much better to try something and fail than to try nothing and succeed. My parents always told their children that whatever you do, to try your very best; if a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing well.

As you enjoy the changing season, remember to keep smiling, and until next week, let me know if you have news to share.

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